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Assemble your 3D printer! Instruction, 3D model and customization

This is the 3D printer with customizable dimensions. Recommended maximum dimensions are 1 meters long, 1 meters wide and 1 meters high.
Download 3D printer model.
Download splines for laser cutting(steel 3mm, dxf).
Bolts and nuts for assembling:

Din 7380 m3 - 8

Din 912 m3 - 28
Din 912 m5 - 154

Din 6921 m5 - 19

Din 985 m4 - 10
Din 985 m5 - 22

Eccentric nut ~ 140 nuts
Aluminum profiles:

Enter the customizable print area for your printer in mm:
For your dimensions of printer you need profiles 20*20:

For your dimensions of printer you need profiles 40*20:

Parts needed to assemble the 3D printer:
1) Printhead :

cartridge probe (thermistor)

volcano nozzle

Throat for E3D V6

volcano heater block

e3d v6 heatsink

24V volcano heater cartridge

24V 30:30 cooling fan

e3d v6 fan holder

volcano sillicone

BMG Direct Extruder
2) Frame:

Nema 17 stepper Motors 5 cm X6

Nema 17 stepper Motor 2 cm

four lead screws 8mm X4

Open builts wheels X21

Toothed pulley GT2-10 X3

Toothed pulley with bearing GT2-10 X3

Timing belt GT2 6mm

Rigid couplers 5x8 X4
3) Electronics:

MKS monster

Power supply 24v 500w

Solid-state relay

Wire stranded sftp cat 5 24 gauge copper ~5m

XH 2.54 connector wire to stepper X8

Reprap end switch with cable X2

Power cable
4) Heatbed:

High temperature heat insulation

Two plates of glass with length and width of your print area and 6mm thickness

Infrared Film Heater (for floor heating system) for Table