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CoVID-19 hyperbaric treatment using airplanes as pressure chambers (HBOT)

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Covid-19 pneumonia (sometimes with bacterial and fungal complications) may result in hypoxia and death

Existing hypoxia treatments:

Proposed Solution - hyperbaric oxygen treatment:
Patients are placed in chambers with compressed oxygen and other gases.
At higher pressures more oxygen is dissolved in liquids, including blood plasma.
This solves hypoxia, and gives time for an immune response.
Other HBOT effects: antiviral, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal

Repurposing airplanes (1.65 bars) for use as pressure chambers and airport infrastructure as hospital:
CoVID-19 hyperbaric treatment using airplanes as pressure chambers HBOT

Airplanes equipped with: seats, toilet, kitchen, have temperature, humidity and pressure control, safe zones, oxygen supply, HEPA air filtration
Boeing 737 and some others use electrical air compressor
Usually far from cities
"flying hospital" can be relocated fast
Airplanes require no modifications
During pandemic airplanes and airports are not used. Repurposing allows airports not to get bankrupt
Number of total airplane seats exseed probable number of patients

Repurposing railway tanks (20 bars):

CoVID-19 hyperbaric treatment using railway tanks as pressure chambers

Repurposing gas tanker ships (2 bars):

CoVID-19 hyperbaric treatment using gas tanker ships as pressure chambers HBOT

Personal pressure chamber (max 3 bar, dangerous):

CoVID-19 hyperbaric treatment using personal medical pressure chamber HBOT

Two 1220*2400*40mm plywood sheets; high quality wood glue, at least 300 4,8*100 self-tapping screws,
air compressor (constant air flow), 2x valves and barometers (inside and outside). The hatch (inside) is held by pressure.
oxygen toxicity

CoVID-19 HBOT treatment
Manual setting of airplane pressure
First clinical trials (90 minutes 100% oxygen 2 bar)
First successful CoVID-19 HBOT treatment (120 minutes 100% oxygen, 1.6 bar)

Protocol for immediate vaccination against CoVID-19 and other pathogens

Specific immune cells will mature and antibodies will be produced in patient within several days

Authors: Rodichkin Artem Andreevich, Chechulin Michail Alexeevich, Arkhipov Semen Andreevich, Belov Arseny Andreevich